Jyrki Parantainen: MAA (1991)

Jyrki Parantainen: MAA (1991)

Persons Projects is pleased to introduce the edition box MAA by Jyrki Parantainen, which is a dedication to his photographic Earth-series (1981-1991).

Published by: Jyrki Parantainen
Year of Publishing:1991
Medium: Edition Box with eleven photographic prints 
Signature: Hand-signed by the artist
Format: 62 x 47 cm
Edition: 400

"In the Earth series, Parantainen’s artistic intervention into the Finnish landscape takes place in a highly individuated way. Indeed, the sites are chosen and staged as subjects within the idiom, or genre, of Land Art. The work process involves a careful integration of various organic media, ranging from fire-lit torches, over liquids like milk, to dry materials like chalkstone. Unlike traditional approaches, however, Parantainen’s landscapes are captured and reproduced visually in form of photographs, thus adding a new aspect of mobility to the otherwise site-bound location of the physical landscape. Though perhaps not concerned with issues of "environmental sustainability” in the conventional sense of the word, Parantainen’s Earth works do fulfill an ecological effect of recycling, with regard to traditions of using and representing nature in art."

Eeva Karhu: Polku | Paths

Publisher: Parvs Publishing Ltd, August 2020
Texts: Timothy Persons (Foreward), Alistair Hicks
Format: 24 x 22 cm
Pages: 128
Language: English; Finnish
ISBN 978-952-7226-59-9

Through the layered structure of her photographs, Eeva Karhu reflects on time and its cyclic nature, using multiple exposures as her technique for recording time’s passage. Her art engages in the study of perception and cognition. The human eye and memory are not like a camera, which records everything unselectively, because the experiences relayed by our visual receptors are always coloured by our emotions and other sensory impressions. "I walk in a circle, on a path with no beginning or end. I photograph this path, where each new beginning is the horizon of the previous one. By layering my photographs, they form a collective image that documents my journey. In a sense, I record time and in so doing, I continue its movement forever.” Path is the first book-form presentation of her art.

Eeva Karhu: Polku | Paths
Sanna Kannisto: Observing Eye

Sanna Kannisto: Observing Eye

Like a Painting: A Precise Look at Every Detail of a Bird

Publisher: Hatje Cantz, June 2020
Graphic design: Juha Nenonen
Format: 25 x 29 cm
Language: English
Pages: 144 
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4791-2

Sanna Kannisto’s métier is nature photography. Like her role models, she considers herself both a scientist and an artist. And, in fact, her analytical gaze is in no way inferior to her creativity and passion. She creates moments of unusual beauty that also shed light on what has been previously concealed. Kannisto has her own method for taking pictures of birds, photographing the animals in front of a brilliantly lit, white background. Removed from their usual surroundings, every detail appears in matchless clarity, allowing for precise study. At the same time, this results in a unique visual aesthetic: the feathers glow brightly, the beating wings take on a majestic quality, and the deep black eyes of the birds seem to gaze hauntingly at the camera. The patience required to produce these pictures has paid off , since it is hard to imagine more beautiful photographs of birds.

Pertti Kekarainen. Density – TILA SERIES

  • By: Christoph Schreier (Author), Pertti Kekarainen (Artist)
  • Series: Density Tila
  • Hardcover: 124 pages
  • Publisher: Photology 
  • Publication Date: March 2006 
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8888359214

This survey of Pertti Kekarainen's photography from 1996 to the present is organized by series, from Density to Tila. Kekarainen, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, is a key figure in the Helsinki School, and his goal is to represent invisible but persistent aspects of reality. He takes an unexpectedly old-fashioned direct route to a contemporary end, avoiding digital manipulation and using only mechanical capabilities of the camera to dot his images with colored spots like those you see after staring into a light. In the final image they appear as shadows and traces left not by the light but by the relationships of the people or objects near them, ghosts of ideas and conversations, akin to the ghosts in early spirit photography. Kekarainen has shown in Paris, Rome, Venice, Madrid and Tokyo, as well as all over Germany and northern Europe, where his work is widely held by museums.
Pertti Kekarainen. Density – TILA SERIES
Santeri Tuori – Time Is No Longer Round

Santeri Tuori – Time Is No Longer Round

Publishing Date: Feburary 2020
Publishing House: Hatje Cantz
Contributions: Santeri Tuori
Graphic Design: Hans Gremmen
Language: English
Pages: 180 pp., 100 ills.
Format: 24.00 x 31.50 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-4701-1

"At first glance the photographer Santeri Tuori’s pictorial world appears to be timeless. On second glance, however, it becomes clear what is going on. Tuori’s compositions of trees, tangled branches, and clouds are sophisticated montages made up of countless photos arranged sideby-side or on top of each other. This results in nearly abstract, fascinatingly complex images of nature; because it harmonizes with the sublime depiction of nature, the process of seeing transcends itself. The eye is no longer guided toward a vanishing point around which the image is organized. Instead, viewers luxuriate in an inexhaustible wealth of perspectives that allow them to continue to discover new phenomena. This goes along with the dramaturgy that stages the publication from one page to the next. At the beginning, you look up into the treetops. These are followed by pictures of clouds set at eye level. The final chord consists of a series of photographs that looks back to the abstract entanglement of the treetops. In every respect this is an uplifting illustrated volume."

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