Jyrki Parantainen: MAA (1991)

Jyrki Parantainen: MAA (1991)

Persons Projects is pleased to introduce the edition box MAA by Jyrki Parantainen, which is a dedication to his photographic Earth-series (1981-1991).

Published by: Jyrki Parantainen
Year of Publishing:1991
Medium: Edition Box with eleven photographic prints 
Signature: Hand-signed by the artist
Format: 62 x 47 cm
Edition: 400

"In the Earth series, Parantainen’s artistic intervention into the Finnish landscape takes place in a highly individuated way. Indeed, the sites are chosen and staged as subjects within the idiom, or genre, of Land Art. The work process involves a careful integration of various organic media, ranging from fire-lit torches, over liquids like milk, to dry materials like chalkstone. Unlike traditional approaches, however, Parantainen’s landscapes are captured and reproduced visually in form of photographs, thus adding a new aspect of mobility to the otherwise site-bound location of the physical landscape. Though perhaps not concerned with issues of "environmental sustainability” in the conventional sense of the word, Parantainen’s Earth works do fulfill an ecological effect of recycling, with regard to traditions of using and representing nature in art."

Jyrki Parantainen: MAA (Earth)

Published by: the artist, Opus 18, 1991
Format: Offset lithography/ handmade covers/ size 64 x 49 cm
13 photographs.
Artist: Jyrki Parantainen
Edition 400
Jyrki Parantainen: MAA (Earth)