Restoration and Museum of Nature

Museum of Nature is the next step in a continuum of imaginative nature restoring projects, which started in year 2000 with the Restoration exhibition. The Restoration series attempted to restore single nature objects by means of technology and engineering.

The museum project takes one step further. I plan and visually construct buildings, which will protect nature from threats of pollution and what is more important, from actions of man.

I visualize shelters, massive buildings where big ecosystems could be stored as they are found today, in the present. These massive buildings protect forests, lakes and rivers from pollution and, more importantly, they protect nature from the actions of man himself. At the same time, I study different aspects of man’s relation to nature as a rare, unique and endangered place.

Putting nature into a museum, you have to take under consideration the aspect of the audience/consumer. Nature becomes a joyride for tourists or a beautiful landscape turn into a meditative theatre show.

The works are visualized building plans; plans I rather not want to see realized.