Ea Vasko’s artwork question the acts of seeing and perception. Her photography is often abstract and challenges the viewers into determining the visual contents of her pictures for themselves. Vasko investigates seeing as an action, and how the perception can be influenced through pictures. Vasko’s works examine urban environments. For Reflections of the ever-changing (the short history of now), she has photographed reflections in nightly cities from a very close distance. A reflection has an ability to gather the surrounding light into one abstract picture on a surface. Vasko compares these reflections to momentary experiences, "The experience of now is fresh, abstract and still apart from a logical timeline of history that we tend to build in our heads. The abstraction and a certain kind of unpredictable quality of now is just like the picture seen in a reflection: It is not totally definable yet – it is just a sighting”.

Ea Vasko (*1980 in Helsinki, Finland) received an MA in Photography from the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture (now University of Art and Design) in 2009. Since then, her work has been shown in many solo exhibitions, including Ma at Gallery Kant (Copenhagen, 2015) and Defining Darkness at G/P Gallery (Tokyo, 2009). Her work has also been exhibited in group shows throughout Europe, including Fin(n)ish: Fresh Contemporary Art from Finland, Rare Gallery (New York, 2014), Helsinki Abstract, Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska (Salzburg, 2012), and Touching Dreams - The Helsinki School, The National Museum of Photography (Copenhagen, 2011).