Unfold – The Finish Museum of Photography


17 Jan – 22 Mar, 2020

Janne Körkkö | Laura Laasik | Linda Lehtovirta | Marina Losada | Mark McGuinness | Sirja Moberg | Kristiina Mäenpää | Jussi Nahkuri | Joel Nieminen | Emilia Pennanen | Teea Saanio | Nora Sayyad | Jenni Toivonen

The Unfold exhibition introduces a group of photographic artists from the master's degree program in photography at Aalto University. The exhibition showcases the multi-device nature and conceptualism of modern photography. The exhibition, which was created as a result of close collaboration between the artists, centers around empathy; the desire to observe and make sense of the world from different perspectives.

In the works, the photograph is an active operator that constructs the present, enables different kinds of futures, and brings the horizon to the viewer. The works are rooted in the core of photography, in the ability to record subtle gestures and to make temporal changes visible.

The works invade the space like a utopia that has been brought to life, tapping into the diversity of their approaches as they give space to and intertwine with one another.

The artists want to dismantle the landscape and rearrange it, disrupt other still lives, reveal the magic in the ordinary, and distort the obvious environment to create a new form.

The works are part of the students' artistic theses.