Not for Ambition but for the Light. A Statement by Rita Anttila

In Not for Ambition but for the Light, I aim to depict a poetic awareness. The dialogue of ephemeral clarity of thought and massive ink black of materiality delivers the heart of my work. Through these personal aesthetics I search atonement for the yearning that feels endless. On this timeline past and present seem like manifestations that blend together. Love and loss cannot be perceived without each other. From this point of view, I make images to rebuild my wreck of memories and dreams. I follow a flash of desire that brings me no reason but solid of light.

Death defines my perception of longing. It lingers in my chest and decays a memory. In order to make sense of it, I read poetry. Words could not change a night that is let in but some verse lines could bring moments of meaning back to life. With that spark of poetry I began to think of images to elevate a mood.

The process begins in a white room that is the plain shade of the bright mid-day sun. The window is open, air flows inside as if a sky could speak. The floor is free of things, just the light travels through a descending dust. The walls hold no decorations but instead the purity of disaster shines bright. The roof is starless, no wish can pass the sky. In the desert of atmosphere, books bloom like fountains of life. What comes, comes as a wave, not as a memory, and then the water is silent. A breath pierces liquid mass.