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Mikko Sinervo

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see."

-H.D. Thoreau

As a child I often looked at the stars. Against the dark there were all those bright spots blinking. As the minutes passed by more stars became visible, some smaller, some larger. I was overwhelmed by the simplicity of that beauty. But I still have the same question in my head. Do the stars look the same on the other side of the world?

Looking directly into light. How that perception changes, often the fact in tradition of James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson, I try to use myself as the tool of the reflection by the use of my memory. My act is to focus on what I look at and how I perceive it.

Making images is like working with visual timeline. This timeline creates a personal diary where all the words are substituted by images from the moments when the beauty is perceived. Memories are drawn in time by light.

Mikko Sinervo

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