Eeva Karhu – While unseen

Eeva Karhu – While unseen

Duration: 9 March – 21 April, 2012
Address: Bergstr. 22, 10115 Berlin – Mitte

Gallery TAIK is delighted to present the first solo exhibition with the Finnish artist Eeva Karhu in Berlin. The exhibition While unseen presents works from her series Impressio – Path, in which the artist compiles a period of time by accumulating the captured light and color. Reception will be held with the artist on Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eeva Karhu´s photographs create conceptual bridges that connect one day to another by collecting her patterns of movement as she walks from her home each morning: A visual diary that layers thirty images upon one another to form one month. Their combination composes a luminescent picture that feels itself resting somewhere between the impressionist paintings of Monet and Turner.

  This exhibiton was curated to capture those months that best represent the four seasons that touch upon Finland. Karhu draws out the subtle differences that are mutually shared regardless of the time of the year. Finding it in the shadows within these silent landscapes she uses light as a means to elevate this stillness, hightening our awareness that slowly draws us emotionally into the photograph. Karhu´s "Path" becomes our path as she uses these cyclical changings to entrap us within our own secrets.

- Jenny Rosemarie Mannhardt