Arno Rafael Minkkinen | Going the Distance

Opening: 24 January 2020, 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition: 25 January  – 7 March 2020 

For the upcoming exhibition at Persons Projects / Helsinki School, we are proud to announce the solo show Arno Rafael Minkkinen - Going The Distance. The opening reception will also host the presentation of his last publication Minkkinen, 2019.
Arno Rafael Minkkinen is one of the most historical artist’s within the Helsinki School, as an artist, teacher, writer, and mentor as well as being a recipient of the Lucie Award. For over forty years he has been photographing his naked body. His self-portraits are a mixture of performance art, staged especially for the camera, combined with an intimate relationship with nature. His method of working has always been about testing his own personal limits and how far he can push the human body with all the physical risks he encounters in capturing himself within the photograph.
What you see in his photographs is what they are, a solitary figure at one with the natural landscape that surrounds him. Sculpturally poetic, his body is captured in the process of becoming. Sometimes a leg becomes a branch in a tree or a hand finding its touch on the horizon. His art reveals a process that blends his philosophy of life with a calmness that grows from the confidence of being one with yourself and your surroundings. Minkkinen states: "For any idea to succeed it has to be anchored in the reality of the moment. Art is a risk made visible. It’s my philosophy of vision. Or perhaps it is also this: I think, therefore I see; therefore, as Descartes would have it, I am.”

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