Valley, 2003
Awakening from a Lovely Dream (The notorious folder number 13 and other documents in a secret room behind a door disguised as a wardrobe), 2007
Birch Forest, 2005
Disguised Doors III, 2003
Faded Map I, 2003
Field Experiment, 2003
First Snow on an August Night, 2007
Glacier, 2003
Living Room, 2005
Misha as a man who signed a two-year contract with no holidays, far away from his family, because there had been no work available at home for years, and because his daughter had recently become ill and needed expensive medical care, 2007
Office Rage, 2003
Sergey as a man who, having promised his family not to touch the bottle during his two-year absence, drinks from a teapot to stave off the demons of depression, 2007
Sharing Lunch, 2007
Around Thirty Years of Forgotten Hospital Records, 2005
The Good Times II (The second gala concert of the 38th Festival of Amateur Arts), 2007