Out of Sight

Unstable relation with the past forces me to the state of deconstruction and rewriting the old archive materials. Through my images I grow roots deep into the hidden memories as well as the unconscious - Making visible what has been out of sight.
Maurice Blanchot says ‟That the break is a necessary for every discussion and that the totality of the words construct and enable the future”. My photographs fill the breaks between past and the present. I attempt to create a dialogue with the lost time and between generations in order to work against my experience of discontinuity. I'm searching separate single images like words to create sentences where the images form a conversation.
My memory should be filled with sensations of presence but instead there is empty spaces, lack of touching and absence. I try to compensate those missing elements by dealing with the haptic dimensions of the photographs. My wounded essence takes a pictorial form of disturbances and interruptions. When searching an expression for those often volatile feelings and impressions a logic of metaphor comes into play.