Eye and Idea / Two Notes Together

In his Eye and Idea / Two Notes Together series Kumpulainen continues his study of the unseen by using his camera to capture new dimensions and visual actualities from another view, from his collection of the mundane objects we all surround ourselves with. He then sets out to find the intrinsic voices inherent within these objects by combining them with fragments and words he has collected from magazines and books over time. Seemingly useless objects gather a different meaning when bridged to a word with another purpose. Kumpulainen also challenges his viewers with his assorted combinations of images that redefine their form through words associated with another meaning. He then poetically combines these textual dissociations with his abstract alterations to redirect our imagination. Kumpulainen states: "My artistic body of works visualizes the unexpected and inconsistent ways of thinking, which can be sought after and arrestingly discovered through the process of creating.”