Eye and Idea 02

The series Eye and Idea 02, Kumpulainen goes even further in his search to answer how we perceive a sculpture through a two-dimensional medium. He begins by creating his own sculptures based on found photographs and archival negatives. He then dismantles and recomposes theses photo-based compositions through a process of cutting, tearing and folding them into a new arrangement, to correlate with his inserted texts. He builds his visual argument by advancing the reasoning of Rosalind Krauss in her essay Sculpture in the Expanded Field, the three-dimensional art form of sculpture. Krauss in her essay questioned what is sculpture now and what was it at the turn of the twentieth century. Basically, she implied it could be anything and it could encompass a much broader range of mediums, such as ‘photography'. Kumpulainen takes up this mantle of thinking in the same manner Picasso challenged the perception of sculpture with his early collages. The question here is the same for both. How do we experience a sculpture, in the context of time and space. In short, you can approach an object by looking at it or walking around it, but what would that experience look like drawn on a page or painted on a canvas?