Ville Kumpulainen began his artistic research by sifting through his family’s personal archives with the hope of understanding those emotional gaps he experienced as a child, filled with a sense of lost time. These memories of twisted dimensions and emotional holes were the basic fabric that he used to sew together his impression of total emptiness, forming the groundwork for his book Out of Sight (2008) published by Hatje Cantz.

In his series Eye and Idea Kumpulainen continues his study of the unseen by capturing new dimensions and visual actualities from another view, from his collection of the mundane objects we all surround ourselves with: "My artistic body of works visualises the unexpected and inconsistent ways of thinking, which can be sought after and arrestingly discovered through the process of creating.” Kumpulainen’s poetic sense of materiality finds a new meaning when his found objects meet their described action to form their own measured sense of balance: challenging his viewers with assorted combinations of images that redefine their form through words associated with another meaning. He then poetically combines these textual dissociations with his abstract alterations to redirect our imagination - questioning the relationship between text and image by juxtaposing the visual object with a word, aiming to find a balance through their poetical association.

Ville Kumpulainen war born in 1988 in Rovaniemi, Finnaland. He lives and works in Helsinki. IN 2019 he graduated from the photography department of Aalto University of Arts Design and Architecture. His work is part of international collections and has been presented in multiple institutions such as Persons Projects (2021), Festival Circulation(s) in Paris (2020), Kunsthalle Turku (2019), Athens Photo Festival (2018), Korai Art Space in Nicosia (2018) and at Capital (New York, 2018). His monograph, Out of Sight, was published by Hatje Cantz in 2017.