There is so much that I don’t know.
In everyday life the unknown rarely manifests itself in a visible form. When looking at satellite images on a computer screen, the unknown becomes visible in the form of intriguing shapes and colours.
I collect undefined spots in the satellite images and photograph them from the screen of my computer. It would be easy to just turn on the text in the application. However, the knowledge I could gain from that, would be tied to pre-existing information bound on human perspective. What about the world beyond?  To visually touch the space between known and unknown, I process the images in this series to contain both, positive and negative, colours. Though limited in many ways, Välimailla is
a gesture of acknowledging and reaching out to that, which is present, but which remains outside of my own knowledge and imagination in this ever changing world.
Together the two finnish words, väli (gap) and maa (land), formulate the word välimailla, which means something that is not here nor there but somewhere in between.