The work of Teea Saanio revolves around an underlying desire the artist has of understanding our human co-existence, not only with each other but with Nature. For this ongoing series of work, she searches online for satellite imagery and then photographs her findings directly from the computer screen. By using a digital pinhole camera, she obtains unique results which are also rich in character. It is an interesting dichotomy, because although satellites are orbiting our planet and recording its information, they no longer belong to it. The photos that Saanio takes are collected inside her camera, but the locations they depict are outside in the world, chosen for out of her curiosity for following the chain of associations she encounters in her daily life. For instance, if she eats an almond her question would be where does it come from. Saanio defines her world by collecting it through a random sense of processing information and using it to create her personal atlas. As the artist states, from space, Earth is one place – here on the ground it turns into multiple places. She is a collector of images, continuously building her own personal atlas of imagery.