Space Of A Moment / Ögonblickets rymd

Space Of A Moment / Ögonblickets rymd, 2020

Loop / 28´02 min

4K, stereo sound, music by Jakob Norgren

The work is projected onto a stretch of empty wall space above the emergency reception of Södersjukhuset, Stockholm; a video of the sky, reflected on still water. The surface of the water starts rippling, and morphs into something more abstract, eventually returning back to stillness. You do not immediately recognize it is only a reflection of the sky.

Meandering / Harhailija

Meandering / Harhailija, 2018

19´01 min

16:9 Full HD, stereo sound or 4.1

"Meandering" is an media-installation that combines moving image with sound, showing the environment seen by someone. At times, the common sounds heard take on a life of their own, creating music-like entities. The images are like windows that only show a part of something bigger. The sounds, on the other hand, aim to portray the wider environment around the wanderer – both the concrete environment and the wanderer’s reality where realism and imagination become blurred.

Aarne’s Window / Aarnen ikkuna

Aarne’s Window / Aarnen ikkuna, 2016

7´29 min

16:9 full HD, stereo sound, language: Finnish (English subtitles)

"Aarne’s Window" alternates between close-ups of an old man and views of a parking lot seen from a window in a high rise building, with the seasons changing. He comments on tiny events happening in the view, and these comments in turn seem to describe also his own condition.

My Portable Room / Minun kannettava huoneeni

My Portable Room / Minun kannettava huoneeni, 2014-2016

Loop / 2´46 min

16:9 Full HD video, stereo sound

The work depicts an empty room. A window in the room opens to a number of alternating seaside sceneries. In one of these, a young girl walks towards the room and illuminates a piece of crystal in front of the window with a flashlight. The light is refracted and reflected onto the walls of the room which is revealed to be a model. At the same time, the walls of the room begin to grow transparent.

An Unusual Step / Vieras askel

An Unusual Step / Vieras askel, 2012

7 ´40 min

16:9 Full HD video, stereo sound, languages: English / Finnish

"An Unusual Step" one can follow one gait cycle, performed very slowly (about 6 min) by a man on the pavement in a city. Meanwhile his voice is telling what is happening in the body during the movement. It is like he’s taking the step in the pace of his conscious thinking.
"The starting point for my video An Unusual Step was the wonder of walking. How do we walk without falling? My attempt to answer the question through logical reasoning only ended up in confusion after noticing how little my consciousness understands my own body's functions. I use walking as a tool to express the complexity of the body's functions that we take for granted as well as the complex relationship between the functions and conscious thinking. If you try to control your body consciously when walking, you may notice that walking becomes difficult and changes from decelerating slowly falling forward into an extremely slow balancing."

I Walk Alone In The Dark On My Own Familiar Island / Kuljen pimeässä omalla tutulla saarellani

I Walk Alone In The Dark On My Own Familiar Island / Kuljen pimeässä omalla tutulla saarellani, 2012

Loop / 1´30 min

16:9 Stop motion on HD video, mono sound, languages: Finnish

An anonymous person (only trousers and shoes are visible) walks on different grounds, meanwhile he is counting numbers. He starts always from number one when the ground changes.

Musicbox / Soittorasia

Musicbox / Soittorasia, 2009

Loop / 5´00 min

4:3 DVD, stereo sound, language: Finnish (English subtitles)

A woman is saying and singing words of the objects which are visible in the picture. She is not in the pictures, but viewer sees 360 degrees view of the room. These pronounced and sang words formulates music, which is composed by
Swedish composer Jakob Norgren. Vocals are made by Ive Riihimäki.

Crossroads / Risteyksiä

Crossroads / Risteyksiä, 2009

Loop / 3´36 min

16:9 HDV, presentation format dvd, stereo sound

In the video there are different kind of street views, where some happening like sudden direction change of the walker or cars meeting in the crossroad causes sounds. These sudden sounds are monotonic, wordless singing or one note sounds played by piano.

Yes Hmm No Hmm / Kyllä hmm ei hmm

Yes Hmm No Hmm / Kyllä hmm ei hmm, 2004-2006

Loop / 9´00 min

16:9 Full HD video, mono sound, language: Finnish

In this video a person is saying the same words at almost the same time in a twenty different pictures. First he is saying kyllä (yes) about thirty seconds, then hmm for fifteen seconds, then ei (no) for thirty seconds, then hmm for fifteen seconds and then kyllä (yes) again for thirty seconds. The piece continues in this manner throughout its duration.

J & S

J & S, 2006

Loop / 1´00 min

16:9 HD video, soundless

In this work, the focus is on communication between genders. In two separate films, a young man and a young woman silently face each other, standing on a revolving playground carousel. The two films are mounted side by side in such a way that the landscapes behind them fly towards one another at high speed and meet up at the seam-line between the two images. Thus the landscapes in the background bring to completion the fusion that the figures themselves fail to achieve. At the same time, the carousel is also an image of the world that only seems to change at breakneck speed, but actually turns in an eternal circle.

From a Little Gesture / Jo pienestä eleestä

From a Little Gesture / Jo pienestä eleestä, 2006

Loop / 12´14 min

4:3 dvd, soundless, actors: Hilkka Karvinen and Ari Mäkinen

In the eleven-minute long shot, a woman and a man are seated side by side and behave as if they are sitting in front of a mirror. Deploying mimic and gesture, they examine their own appearance. The irritating fact is that each imitates the behavior of the other, whereby the order in which they do so changes several times: "I wanted to show how people affect each other and not that one of them alone is the leader. I thought of middle-aged couples reminding each other by choosing the other one's gestures and also how they often understand from a little gesture what the other one is about to do or say, good and bad. How irritating that can be when you know what the other one is about to say, and you get bored with the other one's thoughts. At the same time, it must make you feel safe and secure."