Pasi Autio works with photography, moving image and installation and his works often deal with the inner world of thoughts and its relation to external reality: they are often investigations of specific environments, circling around a single moment or train of thought and opening it up for examination. Autio feels like he often has a visual starting point that’s influenced by his background in photography. "I'm drawn to a photographic scene that also has some movement. I like to observe my surroundings, the mundane everyday, and then think of their relation to your internal world and imagination, which are also a part of that existing reality.” He began thinking about our conscious and unconscious thought processes, and the unaccessible knowledge our bodies hold, after undergoing hypnosis.
Autio is interested not only in our intuitive bodily processes, but intuitive knowledge in general. "We also have so much inner dialogue we go through. There’s a reason for it. There’s so much in our unconscious that we don’t have access to, but it’s a source of many things. Verbalising something can stop an intuitive process, but on the other hand, it can also allow our conscious to better understand why we had an intuitive thought in the first place.”
Referencing the world of our internal, imagined realities, Autio’s works present that which is close-to-truth, like an instrumental sound that closely mimics birdsong, or, in In My Portable Room, a light that reflects from a crystal, bleeding through the video projection and into the general space surrounding it.

Pasi Autio was born 1974 in Vaasa, Finland, lives and works in Helsinki. 2007 he graduated in Fine Art Photography from Aalto University. His artworks were presented in venues such as the Helsinki Art Museum, Scandinavia House in New York and the National Museum of Photography in Copenhagen. He created a commissioned artwork for the region of Stockholm and is a participant at the Helsinki Biennial 2021.