"My works are often both humorous and deadly serious at the same time."

Pasi Autio is a media artist who has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 2000. His touchingly frank art looks at loneliness, exclusion, the transience of life, and death, weaving together these underlying themes in a lyrical tapestry that wavers between simplicity and complexity, with seemingly straightforward ideas unraveling to reveal their true, greatly more complicated nature. Autio revels in experiences of reality in which realism intersects with feelings and imagination. Working across the mediums of video, audio and photography, many of his works consist of photograph-like video imagery paired with a painstakingly designed soundscape.
Autio is also fascinated by the rhythms and musicality of birdsongs. Drastic drops in bird populations have been reported in the news. With his pieces, the artist stirs mixed emotions by linking a grave global issue – biodiversity loss – with the seductive appeal of music by synthesizing natural birdsongs into rhythmic, minimalist, psychedelic "disco hits”.

Pasi Autio was born 1974 in Vaasa, Finland. He lives and works in Helsinki. His work was presented in solo and group shows in institutions and galleries such as the Helsinki Art Museum (2010), Scandinavia House, New York (2013), Espoo Cultural Centre (2017), and National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen (2011). His pieces are part of the Helsinki Art Museum and Finnish State Art Deposit Collection, Finland.