Inspired by Sigmar Polke’s process oriented and haptic studies within photography and painting as well as Gerhard Richter, and the immersive methods by Kusama and Ana Mendieta, Noora Sandgren seeks for a tangible understanding of the basic elements that make up the state of things in nature.
For her series Fluid Being, Sandgren tries to reconnect with nature by lying down in a garden taking in nature with all senses and just breathing. The only record of this performance is a light sensitive paper from the early 1970s capturing her breathing, her body heat and fluids – like saliva, tears and sweat – as well as the surrounding nature and seasonal weather. Thereby creating "not a portrait of my physicality; it is an evidence, a recording of my being and becoming in space and time,” as the artist states. 

Noora Sandgren was born in 1977 in Helsinki, Finland, where she lives and works today. After studying social psychology in Helsinki and Uppsala, she started pursuing her Master of Arts at the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2014. Her recent exhibitions include Broken, Showroom Berlin (Berlin 2016), Travel Memory, Node Gallery (Helsinki, 2014), and Off the Wall, curated by Anouk Kruithof, Taiga Art Center (St. Petersburg 2013).