Born 1977 in Tampere, Finland. Lives and works in Helsinki.

2014 Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, photography MA, FI
2011 École Supérieure National de la Photographie, Arles, FR
2005–2009 Lahti Institute of Design, photography BA, FI
2008 Centre de la image i la tecnologia multimédia, Barcelona, ES

Solo exhibitions
2019 Various cycles under the Sun, Gallery 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lisboa, PT
2016 Emptiness Ceases to be Blue, Gallery Rotwand, Zürich, CH
2015 Towards Nothing, Gallery Rotwand, Zürich, CH
2015 10 Weeks by the Sea, Gallery Bethanien, Berlin, DE
2014 It is Spring, and Clear Sky, and Afternoon, with Juuso Noronkoski, Gallery SIC, Helsinki, FI
2013 Towards Nothing, solo exhibition, Gallery TAIK, Berlin, DE
2012 Towards Nothing, Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2012 Clouds and Waves, with Paul Kuimet, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, EST
2011 Between the Idea and the Reality, Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2010 Between the Idea and the Reality, with Maija Savolainen, B-gallery, Turku, FI

Group exhibitions
2018 It Feels Like The Days Are Getting Longer Again, w/ Juuso Noronkoski, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, FI
2018 Overlapping Instants, w/ Juuso Noronkoski, galería Alarcón Criado, Sevilla, ESP
2018 Zeitspuren - The Power of Now, Biel, CH
2018 Seeing Without a Seer, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL
2018 Considering Finland, Port25, Mannheim, DE
2018 ARCO Madrid, Gallery Taik Persons, Madrid, ES
2018 A meeting Point: Communication/Translation, r/e projects, Madrid, ES
2017 ARCO Madrid, Gallery Taik Persons, Madrid, ES
2016 Fotografia Europea, Maanantai Collective, Reggio Emilia, IT
2016 Art Rotterdam, solo presentation by Rotwand Gallery, Rotterdam, NL
2015 Time Lapse, Maanantai Collective, curated by Anna Laarits, Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, EE
2015 ABC - Art Berlin Contemporary, solo presentation by Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin, DE
2015 Displacement, Gallery Taik Persons, Berlin, Germany, DE
2015 ARCO Madrid, Gallery Taik Persons, Madrid, ES
2015 Interpreting the Frame, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Curated by Boshko Boskovic Helsinki, Finland, FI
2015 Between the Flashes of the Lighthouse, Maanantai Collective, Galerie Van Der Mieden, Brussels, Belgium, BE
2014 Between the Flashes of the Lighthouse, Maanantai collective, Gallery TAIK Persons, Berlin, DE
2014 Nine Nameless Mountains, Mikko Rikala, Maija Savolainen and Tanja Koljonen, Gallery Monopol, Warsaw, PL
2014 ARCO Madrid, Gallery Taik Persons, Madrid, ES
2014 Maanantai collective, Gallery Gro, Jakobstad, FI
2013 Paris Photo, Gallery Taik Persons, Paris, FR
2013 Vienna Art Fair, Gallery Taik Persons, Vienna, AT
2013 Maanantai collective, Alt. +1000 Photography Festival, Rossinière, CH
2013 Maanantai collective, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, FI
2012 Portal, B-Gallery, Turku, FI
2012 And So On, And So Forth, KIM? Center of Contemporary Art, Riga, LV
2012 This Way, Jukka Male Museum, Helsinki, FI
2011 Encounters with Death, Jukka Male Museum, Helsinki, FI
2010 Museum of New Generation, Jyväskylä, FI
2010 Encounters with Death, Shanghai, CN
2010 EMMAprize exhibition, EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo, FI
2008 MexicOaxaca, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, FI
2007 Uutuus! / Nyhet!, Hämegallery, Lahti, FI

2013 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation, First PhotoBook Award Nomination, Maanantai Collective, Nine Nameless Mountains, France, FR
2010 EMMAprize, Espoo Museum of Modern Art

2016 The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, one year artist grant
2015 The Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2014 Frame
2013 Frame
2013 Arts Council of Finland with Juuso Noronkoski
2012 Arts Council of Finland / Maanantai collective
2012 Cultural Endowment of Estonia with Paul Kuimet
2010 Arts Council of Finland
2010 Finnfoto

The Union of Artist Photographers in Finland
The Union of Student Photographers
Maanantai collective

Artist Residencies
2014 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE

Works in publications
2014 Helsinki School - From the Past to the Future, Vol. 5., Hatje Cantz, DE
2013 Nine Nameless Mountains by Maanantai, Kehrer Verlag, DE

Works in Collections
Tapiola Collection
Artek Collection
State of Finland
Private collections in Finland,
Estonia and Germany

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