Studies on light and perception. A Statement by Maija Savolainen

Photography is a synthesis of light and time. In my works I explore different possibilities to decompose and recompose those two subjects. I use a camera as a tool to observe – as a scientist – but also as a means to create illusions.

The series, Paperworks (See/Sea), is a study on the colors of sunlight and the photographic way of seeing. The images are made with a folded, white A4 sheet placed in direct sunlight at different times of the day and year. When looking at the picture at a distance, one might see a horizon line. When taking a closer look, it becomes clear that there is something strange about the view. The horizon appears to be a fold on a sheet of paper, the colors are reflections of sunlight on the white surface; a little bit of information makes the eye see something else than before.