Kira Leskinen mainly creates images with different digital scanning devices using flatbed scanners and smartphone scanning apps. In her work process traditional collage-like techniques are combined with light and motion expanding possibilities of those different methods. Leskinen’s interest lies in the field of abstraction, sound and colour whereas she aesthetically seeks clear forms along vivid coloristic combinations: red moves towards, yellow stays still and black becomes a void. 
When it comes to the concepts of silence, repetition, rhythm and improvisation can be applied in visual art and you find yourself asking questions like how the combination of red and yellow sounds in your ears? How does it feel on the tongue? This inspiration draws from synesthesia, a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes a sensation of another, a colour combination triggering a sound or a syllable. She applies these auditory perceptions to her work process by translating them into image titles: "I combine words with the final images. What I am looking for is a word, a title, that acts as a phonetic correspondence for the visual work. Spanish, Turkish and Estonian are some of the languages that I have used. Instead of emphasising meaning, I concentrate on the sound of the word - the way it feels in the ears and on the tongue.” Leskinen relies greatly on play, improvisation as well as chance and asks the viewer to step back in order to be fully surrounded and absorbed in the artwork - catching the blissful sensory overload, the essence of urban. 

Kira Leskinen was born 1987 in Helsinki, Finland where she also lives and works. In 2016 she graduated with a Master of Arts from the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She also spent time in Turkey studying at Sabancı University, Istanbul (Department of Visual Art and Visual Communication Design).