Nature Like Capital

With his series Nature Like Capital Jaakko Kahilaniemi explores the complex and contradictory relationship today’s society has in coexisting with nature and finding their mutual path for a healthy future. His images reflect his intentions for bridging a joint understanding between how we live within our environment in contrast to the nature of who we are as a society. Kahilaniemi approaches his subjects with an open minded playfulness that can be seen both in his research as well as in his final results. He is drawn to places of radical interference between people and the natural forces. Whether it be his own inherited forest or the aftermath of a forest fire from another property, Kahilaniemi presents his ideas in a minimal way letting the image speak for itself. He creates a visual language that unveils its secrets by challenging the viewer to step outside their own preconceived comfort zones, and look at the broader context of where we fit in to the nature of all things.