Surrounded by

Eeva Karhu’s series, Surrounded by, consists of layered photographs, characteristic to her style, where she records perceptions of her surroundings inside a predetermined area. The series was photographed on an assortment of small islands situated on the Gulf of Finland during 2017 and 2018. However, they also invoke her experiences from a previous journey, to a larger island, where Eeva Karhu travelled along the borderlands of Iceland, cycling a total of 1800 km and exclusively sleeping in a tent. Each image records the smaller islands in 64 locations, equally divided onto the circumference of a circle, which are all overlaid onto a digital "multiple exposure”. Affectual experiences and powerful memories are transferred onto the images through masks Eeva Karhu places in front of her exposures and sometimes by converting the result into negative form—directly photographed and combined, the composition of the horizon would produce a mainly blueish-grey tone.