En plein air

Light plays a central role in Eeva Karhu’s works. Much in the same way as impressionist painters made repeated studies of the same subject, she creates multiple views of the same path. From one picture to another, photographed in different lighting conditions, the series reveals a startlingly wide range of changing colors and atmospheres. Recording both, the time of her own movements and the longer cycles of nature, her work intertwines into a personal study of perception and its fundamental links with space and time. "I study this cyclic movement. I take part in it, by walking the same circle route during one year. While walking, my feet find the rhythm of the way. The camera is my eye. It captures moments between what I’m viewing and myself. I record the time that I will soon pass through while I experience the timelessness of its passing. By layering all these photographs together, they form one image that documents my journey, recording the time passing.”

For her new series, En plein air, the way of working is the same: "I walk the same circular path as before and take pictures towards the horizon. But while combining the photos I use collage instead opaque layers. All the pictures are visible in the result, but I choose the parts that are shown. Before I was compressing time, now I am collecting fragments of it."