A Statement by Eeva Hannula

The title of my work is The Structure of Uncertainty. My pictures form a paradoxical structure in which I deal with the uncertainty of observations, feelings and essences. I deal with the main concept of uncertainty and I approach it from different points of view. I see my work as an attempt to shake the essence of things and to change their everyday meanings. I create contradictions, atmospheres with combination of lightness and weight, familiar and unfamiliar.

I use Sigmund Freud´s concept of the uncanny to describe my relation towards my images. By using the familiar and unfamiliar together I deal with conflicting feelings and surprising combinations, which create questions. Mind, memories and experience in general are uncertain things, and they contain a lot of repressed and incomprehensible dimensions.

In my work, personal archive materials, marks, forms and staged photography combine together and suddenly they lose their familiar sides and create new meanings. Monochromatic colors together with black and white images are metaphors for extreme emotions and meanings, which take over the whole meaning space.

As material, errors, chances and experimentation are essential to my work. The stable form of the image is fragmented in many ways through editing, using prisms and making collages.

I experience my ideas in a similar way in which I respond to poems; they give words to experiences in a surprising way that may not be expressed through using "ordinary” language. By contrasting the images to each other or by editing them, I rewrite my images as poems, which are filled of different meanings. I see images as I see words; they can be bent, mixed and combined, as you like. To me the image is an uncertain matter located between fact and fiction, language and body.